Seven Ways to Practice Slow Beauty

The holiday season can bring much joy and happiness, but it can also cause stress for many. Whether you’re running from one family gathering to the next, preparing food to bring to holiday parties, shopping for the perfect gifts in crowded stores or juggling finances to keep all of these holiday traditions alive, it’s easy to push your own needs aside. ‘Tis the season for giving, but don’t forget to give to yourself through all the holiday hustle and bustle. Use these seven practices to take care of yourself. Some require more time than others, start small and enjoy giving slow beauty to yourself from this point forward.

Spa Tradition
Visit the spa on a regular basis to reap the benefits of stress reduction and feel-good hormone release. Almost half of Americans still believe that the Spa is about pampering and indulgence and do not make the connection between the spa and health. Spa treatments have proven health benefits.

This is the secret ingredient to a youthful and radiant appearance. Studies have shown that a regular meditation practice will help you look 7-13 years younger. Meditation also builds grey matter and increases your ability to focus. Visit for information on the Mindfulness technique and for information on Transcendental Meditation (this is the technique the Beatles brought to the West in the 60s).

Nourished Mind
Cultivate a passion for learning and pursue your interests. Nourishing your inner life, your mind and your soul will increase your capacity to engage in the world and your relationships in a deeper, more meaningful way.

Listen to the natural rhythms of your body and give it the rest it requires through seasonal cleanses, a good night’s sleep, and downtime.

Practice your personal art. Whether it is poetry, gardening, or playing guitar, you will experience an increase in your creativity and self-confidence. Bring beauty into the world!

Mindful Consumption
Read labels, educate yourself, consume mindfully. There are wonderful brands out there that actually care about you and the planet. Support them, minimize your ecological footprint and you will feel lighter.

Bring the Spa Tradition Home. Expand your beauty care routine beyond skin-care and anti-aging lotions and potions. Incorporate ancient healing traditions into your daily routine and elevate beauty to the status of ritual. Look to the Ayurvedic, Native American and other centuries old health and wellness traditions, as well as nutrition and movement, to enhance and expand your beauty outlook.

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Written By:
Shel Pink, “Lifestyle futurist,” founder of SpaRitual and creator of the Slow Beauty Blog.
Melissa Armstrong – Simonson’s Salon and Spa Marketing and Media Coordinator

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