Simonson’s Reopens | CCX Media


It’s been more than two months since Simonson’s Salon and Spa temporarily closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but come June 1, they’ll welcome customers back to each of its three locations.

“We have hair, face, body and nail services available, as well as our boutique, curbside pickup option,” said Autumn Gray, Simonson’s marketing and media director. “But we do ask that any guests that do come in, if they can make a product list beforehand, just to help minimize contact and create a nice, efficient service for them.”

simonson's salon and spaSimonson’s will reopen with a number of different guidelines in place to protect customers and staff members, both of whom are excited to get back to some sense of normalcy.

“Our team is biting at the bit, if you will, to come back in and provide services,” Gray said. “They’ve been very diligently working outside to maintain that connection, try to help their guests as much as possible. But of course, everyone wants to look their best and feel their best, so our guests are probably equally as anxious to come back.”


In the past two months, Simonson’s has used its social media channels on Facebook and Instagram to provide styling tips on how people can maintain their look.

“Which many guests were very grateful for,” Gray added.

Meanwhile, Simonson’s is also using Facebook and Instagram to promote a special giveaway for graduating high school seniors, and for people suffering from that “quarantine look.”

“You’re not alone on how you look, and we’re asking people to send in their picture of their outgrowth, their gray hair, their fuzzy caterpillar eyebrows, their lady ‘staches, whatever it is,” Gray said. “Just send a picture either through our Facebook or Instagram, or even through our website.”

Winners will receive a $50 Simonson’s goodie bag. But once Minnesota’s salons and barber shops reopen on Monday, everyone needing a haircut will be a winner, in some sense.

“We’re excited to see everyone and happy to be back on Monday,” Gray said.

An interview by CCX Media.