Tight shoulders?

Ever wonder why your shoulders become so tight when leaning over a computer all day? Being in one position for an extended period of time is unnatural. The muscles are being controlled to stay in one position but are not relaxed or neutral as they are when you’re sleeping, for instance. The longer your muscles stay positioned a certain way, the more your muscles are going to remember that position and stay.

Also, chances are your posture is improper while sitting at a computer. One of your hands is on the mouse, causing that shoulder to round forward, and if you are sitting forward in your chair at all, you are losing the natural curve in your spine.  These things combined with lack of movement for long periods of time can cause the muscles in your neck and shoulders to tighten.

Practicing good posture, being conscious of the way you sit, and taking a break to walk around the office during the day are practices that you should combine with regular massage to prevent and relieve muscle tension. 

Expertise Contributors:
-Katelyn, Anoka Massage Therapist
-Rita, Plymouth Massage Therapist
-Jen, Plymouth Massage Therapist
-Gabe, Maple Grove Massage Therapist
-Jodi, Massage Educator & Anoka Massage Therapist