Top 5 Skincare Secrets for Teens

top five skincare secrets for teens

A recent study by the San Francisco Institute of Esthetics and Cosmetology found that many teens know or care very little about their skin. However, caring for your skin as a teen can save you from major headaches when you are older! We’ve created an easy guide on skincare for teens of all interests.

1. Cleanse Your Skin

It might seem like a pain, but the right cleanser can make a world of difference! While there are different cleansers for all skin types, we’ve found a great starter cleanser for those seeking a “clean” or minimal fragranced cleanser that is great for all skin types, Environ’s Low Foam Gel Cleanser. When you face is slightly damp, massage the Cleansing Gel with your fingertips until a smooth lather is formed and wash your face! Avoid using hot water as this can dry out your skin, instead opt for lukewarm or room temperature.

2. For the Makeup Wearers

If you wear any amount of makeup or even just lip gloss, be sure to clean it off your face before going to bed. Removing your makeup and sweat will help your skin be able to heal and repair itself while you sleep.

3. Use Your Sleep to Your Advantage

Everyone needs to sleep at some point, so why not make an easy change and switch your pillowcase to a satin one. Satin doesn’t cause friction while you sleep, it also doesn’t get clogged with your sweat, makeup or dead skin cells so it can help reduce acne, inflammation, and irritation. Plus, it helps reduce sleep impressions from your bedding for those who wake up at the absolute last minute!

4. Sunscreen, Not Just for The Beach!

This is one that many still find difficult to do to this day, but your future self will thank you! Find a foundation or powder that includes SPF for easily applying (and remembering), or pick up a powder or spray on SPF for quick application. Even when cloudy, the sun’s rays can damage your skin – so make sure to put it on!

5. Stop the Picking

One free way to help your skin is to avoid picking at it! If you pick at acne, rough spots or anywhere on your face you can actually undermine your skin’s natural ability to heal and repair itself. Not to mention you reintroduce germs and bacteria that can cause more breakouts that can lead to scarring!



If your teen is facing major breakouts, excessively oily skin or dry, flaky skin – we suggest meeting with one of our Aestheticians for a FREE consultation. Many teens have little interest in skincare, but from 6th grade up to senior year is the prime time to introduce quality skincare that can boost their confidence, prevent sun damage and reduce their chance of scars or fine lines appearing. Simonson’s Salon & Spa offers a wide range of skincare products and services for any budget, time commitment or need! Call today to set up a free consultation for you or your teen.