Will the oils used during my massage cause me to break out?


If you are sensitive to oils or lotions, let your massage therapist know before your massage begins. The oils and lotions that massage therapists use are usually hypoallergenic professional massage products with high-grade ingredients formulated to be gentle on your skin. They are used for the “glide” that they provide rather than the absorption qualities of a body lotion. Infrequently, a person may break out due to the fats that are in certain oils that don’t get absorbed by the skin. Instead, fats in certain oils lay on top of the skin, which can cause irritation. We do have several brands and formulas you can use, including one with no nut oils, if you have an allergy.

At Simonson’s one of the oils we use is Lotus Touch Ultralight Oil Complex, which consists of a combination of five different oils that are good for people with sensitive skin. The oil is designed to soften and moisturize the skin, not clog pores or cause breakouts. We also use essential oils that are chosen specifically for their healing and beneficial properties for the skin.

At the end of the massage, towel the product off the skin before getting dressed and shower when you get home. The oils and lotions are water dispersible and wash away easily.

If you are concerned about your skin’s sensitivity, be sure to tell your massage therapist. We can always do a 24-hour patch test just to be sure or your therapist can use a cream, rather than oil, for your massage.

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